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We're the Arnold Family and this is our shop

The Arnold family at the beach

We believe in the necessity of play, and not just for children. As owners of both an independent book and toy store we are so lucky to get to engage with the totality of human learning.

Brett grew up running free on his family’s almond ranch in the central valley, and learned the value of imaginative play by turning sticks found in the orchard into a swords or baseball bats or periscopes. Toys are, at their most basic, tools for play.

Erin’s first job (outside of babysitting) was working at a local Toy/Book shop in high school where she saw firsthand the infinite value of finding the perfect toy or book for each child. And, as a trained developmental specialist and therapist she’s able to source items to meet a diverse set of needs.

Emmie and Owen are the people on our team who know the most about what kids need and want out of toys & books, because they are kids. Their input and advice cannot be overvalued.

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