Antique Silver King Crown

Antique Silver King Crown

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This retro king crown is made of iron and copper featuring Antique Finish, dotted with carved time-honored patterns and countless raised silver beads on the surface. It shines with antique luster in peculiar. Adult Men King Crown in Antique Finish design gives you a regal look, makes you revisit historical memory, and feel the changes of the times. Best men's tiara crown for costumes and shows. Material: Iron and Copper; Color: Antique Silver Size: Approximately 2.56 inches in height, 7.09-7.68 inches in diameter. Security: End with an adjustable buckle which avails you of the best fit. Suitable for a different size. Perfect for Halloween, Theater, Cosplay, Prom, Birthday, Celebration, Holiday, Anniversary, Wedding, Party.

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