Shades of Brown - 12 Colored Pencils
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Shades of Brown - 12 Colored Pencils

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  • These Limited Edition Black Owned Skin Tone Pencils are just what you need to put the finishing touches on your Adult Coloring Books!
  • Celebrating diversity with skin color pencils. 12 different colors that represent skin tones of Black and Brown Women, including colors as women's names like Diamond, Keisha, Toya, and Ebony. Culturally diverse names that you rarely saw represented on custom items such as keychains growing up & the colors we needed when coloring as kids.
  • You’ll love using them in your adult coloring book. Perfect for moms, business owners, college students and women like you. Take time out for yourself because you matter, representation matters. 12 Smooth Colors Shades of Brown Pre-Sharpened

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