Pretty Pretty Princess
Pretty Pretty Princess
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Pretty Pretty Princess

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The classic ’90s game is making a comeback, offering a new generation of kids the chance to play dress up as they race to the crown — literally. To win, players must be the first to gather a full, color-coordinated set of jewelry — including a necklace, bracelet, ring, and earrings —  plus the tiara.

That’s it; it’s really that easy to become a princess. Players simply take turns spinning a spinner to move along the board, picking up different pieces of jewelry as they go. Beware though: There’s also a black ring in rotation, and players need to avoid that at all costs! If you do get the ill-fated black ring, you can’t win — even if you manage to collect your full set of jewelry. Try to pass it off onto another player ASAP so it doesn’t stand in your way. When you have all of your jewelry — plus the crown — you win!

The game includes enough jewelry for four players, along with a game board, a spinner, plastic game pieces, the black ring, the crown, and a set of illustrated instructions. On top of helping kids realize their dreams of becoming royalty, Pretty Pretty Princess also encourages team play and helps kids foster relationships as they compete to win in this role-playing board game. Kids will also bolster their social and language skills, too.

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