Nuts about Mutts- Card Game
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Nuts about Mutts- Card Game

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It’s been a ruff day and your dogs are barking. As one of the local dog walkers, it’s time to get these pooches back to their homes.

Unfortunately, it sounds like the friendly neighborhood mutt is on the loose again and he loves to play! If you want to get home before everyone else, you’ll need to give that good boy a bone to distract him or wind up chasing your dogs all over the neighborhood.


The game is played over three rounds (for a faster game, just play one round). Each round, you’ll take turns playing cards until someone goes out by playing their last card.

Each turn, you must play either a dog that matches the number, color, and/or breed of the dog previously played, or an action card. If you can’t, you’ll have to draw a card! If you are quick, you’ll even be able to play certain cards when it’s not your turn! At the end of each round, points are tallied for cards remaining in each player’s hand. After three rounds, the player with the fewest points wins and is chosen as The Most Paw-some Dog Walker!

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