Micro White Scooter
Micro White Scooter
Micro White Scooter
Micro White Scooter
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Micro White Scooter

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The Micro White is the best-selling adult scooter, known for its classic design and sturdy construction.

The most notable feature of the Micro White is its low-ride deck. It makes riding this adult scooter exceedingly effortless, as you won’t have to bob up and down each time you kick. The low deck allows riders to remain in an upright stance while riding, and simply enjoy the ride.

Foldable, portable, and lightweight, you can count on the Micro White for convenience and fun any time! Use the patented two-way kickstand to keep your scooter upright while parked. Feel free to leave late and arrive early, as scooting cuts walking time in half!

Ages 12+

Only available for in-store purchase or local delivery.

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