Fingerprint Activities - Animals

Fingerprint Activities - Animals

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These are fun little books that are a self-contained gift for someone special.

  • They each include a hardcover, spiral-bound book with 60 pages of colorful activity pages to complete.
  • Attached to the extended back covers are a large inkpad (about 2"x 7") with 7 bright rainbow colors and a clear lid.
  • Your child adds their fingerprints to the illustrated pages to complete the activities. When the ink dries, you can draw over your fingerprint and make a little character.
  • Since each of the colors on the inkpad touch each other, you can even get some fun color blends going!
  • If you want to switch colors, just clean your finger with a wet wipe or paper towel and keep printing away! When you are all done, wash hands with soap & water.
  • Pages lie nice and flat as you are working on your masterpiece.
  • Collect all 3! 10"x 8.5" overall, book is 7" x 8.5". 

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