East Asian Baby Soft-Body Doll
East Asian Baby Soft-Body Doll

East Asian Baby Soft-Body Doll

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These beautiful high quality dolls help children understand concepts such as family, diversity, empathy, as well as respect and tolerance.

  • Very well defined facial features which are thoughtfully representative of peoples from around the world.
  • Head and limbs made of quality vinyl, body is soft. The head is articulated. This doll comes undressed: please see our collection of vintage doll clothes and Miniland outfits!
  • 15 3/4"
We are providing these soft body dolls for many reasons -

  • They promote role play, so important as it allows children to practice real life scenarios in a safe environment.
  • They teach children about cultural and gender diversity.  Hopefully promoting a culture of respect within our children. 
  • They are made in Spain from phthalate-free vinyl and are BPA free, so are a safer alternative to toxic plastic used in some toys.
  • They help children to develop skills with dressing and the logistics of getting clothes on and off.
  • They also have an amazing scent and are super cuddly!

And our favourite reason? Because children LOVE them.
We hope through miniland dolls you can share these important conversations and types of play with your children too. And all the other doll play fun!

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