Abracadabra - Gallery 200 Pc

Abracadabra - Gallery 200 Pc

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The Djeco Gallery range of jigsaw puzzles for children are a little bit different from normal puzzles. Djeco gave their team of illustrators free rein to paint an original artwork that they felt would appeal to children and create an interest in art.

  • This large 200 piece jigsaw puzzle depicts a beautifully detailed tree with animals and flowers throughout the branches.The more you look the more you find! 
  • At 97 by 33cms it looks stunning completed and will engage children with its beautiful detail.
  • Each Djeco Gallery Puzzle has a poster of the artwork included – lovely for the wall as well as for children to follow when completing the puzzle.
  • Suitable for children 6 years old upwards - may need adult help the first time completing.
  • Made of sturdy, recycled cardboard and packaged in a lovely box to keep the pieces stored safely - designed to withstand years of play.

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