Eiffel Tower Music Box - DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle
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Eiffel Tower Music Box - DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle

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With this 3D Wooden Puzzle you can enjoy long interactive hours of fun play with family and friends. Plays "Moon River" that will entertain you as you watch the Eiffel Tower rotate. Our 3D Puzzle Music Box is made from safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly natural wood and the exquisite laser cutting technology for perfect blend of premium quality and precision.

For ages 14 & over.

With 41 hand assembling pieces, this Wood Craft Kit engages your brain and hands and gives you a sense of accomplishment after successful assembling. It's a great activity to spend constructive time with family or friends as you can involve them in assembling the pieces. Takes an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour depending with your skills. 2.8x3.1x6.8 inches when fully assembled. Pre-packed with wood glue and tools.

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