White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"
White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"
White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"
White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"
White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"

White Girl - Brunette (Anatomically Correct) - 15"

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Encourage children's connection skills with this precious newborn baby boy doll. Made from flexible vinyl, this infant figure has articulated (moveable) head, arms, and legs to provide range of motion. Doll can be washed and bathed. White underwear is included and removable. Clothes sold separately. Ideal for ages 10 months and up.
  • Baby doll promotes early childhood imaginative play and nurturing skills
  • Glossy eyes and fold indents in skin add realistic appeal
  • Extremely resilient and flexible construction withstands years of play
  • Doll comes lightly scented for fresh, soothing newborn aroma
  • Dressed in white islet underwear set in eco friendly cardboard box.

From Miniland: 

At Miniland we want to contribute to a world that is more open, inclusive and tolerant towards diversity

With our dolls collection, we help little ones understand values of inclusivity and coexistence through play, by promoting empathy and accepting people of any race, gender or condition.

Our anatomically correct dolls are the perfect toy to learn SEL (Social Emotional Learning), to enhance social abilities and creativity by free playing in the classroom or even at home.

Every single one of our dolls is handmade in Europe. They are made of soft vinyl and they meet all the European and American safety standards and regulations.

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