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Picture this: the chill has hit the air...you have a mug full of hot chocolate and and a stack of books from the Avid Reader, or maybe a quant board game from Avid & Co.--all you're missing? A cozy sweatshirt from Avid & Co. with front and back features. Currently in a cool beige tone with brown detailing, this adorable merchandise is perfect for every member of the family. Gold sweat shirts available for a limited run.


FRONT: AVID spelled in building blocks

BACK: Avid & Co. Teddy bear and Avid and Co. written out in fairytale font

Why Avid & Co?

Support Local Jobs

Your purchase helps provide your neighbors with good paying jobs, and helps maintain our friendly downtown Davis community.

Support Your Community

When you shop at your small local toy store, you aren't just buying toys and games - you're supporting your friends and neighbors.

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