Art By Number Sand and Glitter Kit - Fish

Art By Number Sand and Glitter Kit - Fish

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  • “Paint” with sand and glitter; peel back the die cut paper on the picture board to expose the adhesive layer and pour on the vibrantly colored sand
  • With a paint-by-number feel, create the 4 beautifully illustrated fish with the 9 colors of sand and 2 types of sparkling glitter, each board is 6 x 8 inches
  • Contains 4 adhesive art boards, 9 individual sand pots, 2 tubes of glitter, special peeling tool and a beautifully illustrated instruction and inspiration book
  • Develops fine motor skills, creativity, imagination, design, color composition, and storytelling; comes in a book-like box to keep everything together
  • A great gift for clever crafters ages 6+

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