Aero Club Puzzle Observation + Poster - 200 Pc
Aero Club Puzzle Observation + Poster - 200 Pc

Aero Club Puzzle Observation + Poster - 200 Pc

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  With 200 pieces this puzzle is designed with young children in mind from 5 years old.

  • Djeco Observation Puzzles are a range of jigsaws for children with an added twist – build the picture in the centre and then there are lots of objects to find hidden in the picture from the items around the border.  Lots of fun hunting the objects after the puzzle is completed.  
  • Even better each jigsaw comes with a poster sized 38 by 61cms too. 
  • Rich in surprise and detail, the border of this jigsaw has items to be found within the completed puzzle – can you find the spotty teapot, buzzy bee or sleeping squirrel?
  • Jigsaw puzzles are a favourite activity to help develop patience in children and extremely rewarding when completed.

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